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Residential or Commercial - Licensed Bonded & Insured

Deep Clean, Quick Dry!

***Karma Carpet is Seattle’s finest carpet cleaning company that offers a complete carpet and floor care solution for any job and any budget! We offer the deepest cleaning and the quickest dry that the highest industry standards can deliver. We take carpet cleaning seriously and Taylor our  service to your very own needs. Whether it’s your home or your business, we got it!

Carpet Cleaning

For a carpet cleaning method we start with vacuum it goes all the way to the area designated to clean then we work on any stain to make sure all the stings on the carpet disappear, next step is working on traffic areas using our pre-spray pump and we use a buffer if the traffic areas need it for a better job, finally we finish the rest of the carpet with our regular pre-spray chemical live it ready for the extraction using the prochem legend or our ninja warrior portable extractor if the truck mounted can’t reached it specially for building offices on top floors. With our rotovac 360I system your carpet can be dry and looking nice after two hours something really important on carpets to avoid mold and mildew problems.

Professional Technicians and Equipment for our Carpet Cleaning Services

The high-quality cleaning solutions are hard on dirt but not children or pets. Effective stain removal methods and equipment are used that make carpets look better. The carpet will be cleaned and sanitized.

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